Travel Tips for a Healthy and Happy Horse

Jan 07, 2022

Vacation Strategies for a Healthful and Satisfied Horse

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This post originally appeared in the July/August 2020 issue of Eventing Usa magazine.

When you’re traveling with your horse, there’s more to do than only hitch up the trailer and strike the road. SmartPak has the best suggestions you want for you and your horse’s best (and most secure) highway trip ever. With a minimal little bit of setting up and planning, you can get your horse from point A to issue B with self-confidence.

Tip #1: Strategy Your Route (and Your Breaks) In advance of Time

Even if you’re organizing to use your GPS while on the highway, map out your route forward of time to familiarize on your own with the major roadways you’ll be taking. Try to stick to a route that incorporates interstates and other key streets as considerably as doable to assure a clean ride for your horse. As SmartPaker Viviane learned on a single of her trips, “It’s significant to look at site visitors, bridges, big cities, mountains, parkways, and other streets that have limitations on the peak and excess weight of motor vehicles. For instance, Google Maps would have despatched me by way of New York City, which I desired to stay clear of at all expenses.”

Throughout a extensive-length vacation, you are going to want to verify on your horse and offer them drinking water just about every 4 several hours, so plan for any rest stops you are going to be getting along the way. To support with this preparing, take into account how far you are ready to journey with the trailer on just one tank of gasoline. For any trip longer than 12 hours, it’s proposed to consider right away stops, which in convert can add another layer of complexity to your preparing. You are going to also want to consider into thought any journey constraints or quarantine protocols when crossing state strains.

Suggestion #2: Know What Documentation You Need to have

No matter if you’re getting a quick outing or a extended-length vacation, your up coming stage is to think about the wellness paperwork that your horse needs to journey with. Relying on your motive for vacation and your destination, you might will need the same sort of documentation for intrastate travel that is demanded for interstate vacation. This paperwork can contain well being certificates and a copy of your horse’s adverse Coggins exam. Be guaranteed to verify with your veterinarian and the place Point out Department of Agriculture site for the most up-to-date facts.

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Tip #3: Practice Makes Excellent

If it is been a although given that your horse has been on a trailer, or he’s by no means been on a trailer ahead of, spend some time in advance of your journey making sure that he is comfy loading, unloading, and even using on the trailer. It’s also critical to make confident your horse is comfy with any protective gear, these as leg wraps, shipping boots, and halter fleeces, that you’re arranging to use during the excursion.

Suggestion #4: Continue to keep Your Trailer in Tip-Best Form

To maintain your trailer in great doing work buy and get ahead of any possible troubles, build a normal upkeep approach and stick to it. Your trailer must be serviced at the time or 2 times a calendar year to check the tires, brakes, breakaway battery, flooring, and body. You really should also adhere to a pre-vacation and post-excursion checklist in among normal routine maintenance.

Idea #5: Know the Hidden Well being Risks of Vacation

When you are touring with your horse, there are a lot more dangers to view out for than what’s on the road in entrance of you. As you put together for your journey, you really should be knowledgeable of a handful of areas of your horse’s overall health that touring can place at possibility – respiratory, digestive, and gastric well being. Traveling in a trailer can pose prospective wellbeing pitfalls to your horse’s respiratory overall health. Horses are uncovered to limited air move, and having their heads held up for prolonged durations of time reduces their capacity to obvious their airways of particles, microorganisms, and discharge. Opening windows and vents for air flow is a good way to improve ventilation throughout transportation. You can also dampen hay and/or bedding to decrease the volume of dust that the horse is uncovered to. In addition to these suggestions, you can also help help your horse’s respiratory process with a respiratory assistance supplement which presents elements this kind of as MSM and Spirulina to aid support a usual inflammatory reaction.

A quantity of factors that can improve your horse’s threat for colic frequently arise with vacation. These things consist of sudden improvements in action degree, lack of turnout or elevated stall time, changes in hay, changes in grain, and dehydration. Fortunately, there are strategies you can aid your horse cope with these typical stresses. Along with administration procedures, each day assistance from a digestive supplement may help guidance a balanced and well balanced hindgut.

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Many of the factors that can influence your horse’s digestive overall health can also effect your horse’s gastric overall health, like constrained grazing, elevated stall time, and a change in regimen. No matter if you are at household or traveling, it is a clever selection to provide your horse with a daily gastric well being dietary supplement, even if he has a regular, balanced stomach proper now. These formulation supply ingredients to assistance neutralize excess stomach acid and aid gastric tissue well being so that your horse constantly has what he requires to sustain his stomach well being.

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