Travel Guides: The cast of characters showing us the best and worst holiday spots



Matt and Brett

Bona fide travel addicts Matt and Brett joined the show in season four, hailing from Newcastle in New South Wales.

The married couple, who have been together for 19 years now, describe themselves as ‘high end travellers’ who also love a bargain.

While Matt is organised, and packs his outfits into plastic bags via the suitcase, Brett is much happier going along for the ride, leading to a delightful Bert-and-Ernie energy that makes for great TV.

They’re also hilarious, giving biting commentary, and always making the audience laugh.



The Fren family

The delightful Fren family have been regulars since season one, bringing immediate joy to the show with their upbeat nature.

Dad Mark is upbeat and forthright, with a knack for negotiating room upgrades. He’s been married to wife Cathy for over 30 years, and their two kids, Victoria and Jonathan, are always along for the journey.

Their family grew earlier this year, with Jonathan marrying his long-term partner, Danielle Clarke.

Other members of the Travel Guides cast Matt, Brett, Kevin, Janetta, Mel, and Stack were all in attendance – too cute!



Kevin and Janetta

‘Holiday snobs’ Kevin and Janetta always bring the laughs.

The pair, who are in their 60s, are passionate wine enthusiasts and seasoned travellers. They’re also avid researchers when it comes to their holidays, making sure they have the best possible experience, so being thrown into strange situations on the show always makes for a good laugh.

They also won’t hesitate to ask for the manager, which has earned them the catchphrase “we don’t suffer in silence”.



Kev, Dorian and Teng

Besties Kev, Dorian and Teng love food, computer games, movies, and music.

Kev is a pop-culture expert, Dorian studies teaching, and Teng is the risk-taker, who keeps deferring university in the hopes of finding a good time.

Their combined heritage spans China, Greece and Vietnam, giving them a unique take on the world when it comes to the show.



Stack and Mel

Identical twins and country cowgirls, Stack and Mel are still pretty new to the Travel Guides universe, and at first were a little wary about travelling beyond their home in outback Queensland.

Having travelled around Australia for roping events at various rodeos, it’s fancy holidays that leave these girls feeling like a few fish out of water, but their tough country attitude means they’re not afraid of much, and there’s nothing they won’t try!

Happy to rough it, the pair also love to camp outdoors, and be among their horses and dogs.