With Solo Travel Interest Surging, Here’s How Black Women Can Do It Safely

With A Surge In Interest In Solo Travel, Here Are Tips For How Black Women Can Do It Safely
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For some people, the idea of traveling alone can sound less than ideal. But for those who have found themselves waiting on friends, family and loved ones to save enough money, have enough PTO or to just simply get serious about that group trip you’ve been talking about for years, a solo trip can sound like the only option to ensure you’re not held back from seeing the world.

Still, traveling alone can sound scary if you’ve never done it before, and it could certainly be rough if you’re not properly prepared. That’s where Keem Smith comes in.

Weary of waiting on others to experience dreamy destinations, Smith, known as The Passport Abuser, started traveling by herself in 2017. She has since created a workshop that helps other women learn the ins and outs of solo vacations, how to do it often without losing all your PTO, ways to book a photographer to capture your favorite moments, and most importantly, tools to do it safely. She’s managed to make millions through her masterclasses.

These days, she works with Teachable, the leading online course platform for creators. She is the most popular solo travel creator, and solo travel courses have become significantly popular on the site due to the pandemic. In the spring alone, they were close to 15 percent of all travel course enrollments for the site.

Smith shared with ESSENCE the reason she got into solo travel, why so many others are flocking to it since Covid began, as well as tips to keep in mind if you too are ready to hit the friendly skies on your own. Learn more and enjoy images of her on her own adventures.