Which Will Be the Next Greek Island Destination that You Will Choose?

When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, it is always a challenging task. If you decide on the Greek Islands, you are already in a win-win. Still, which holiday location is worth giving a try? Most people stop at famous resorts like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, but there are also other no less captivating spots to spend holidays.


So today we will cover not so highly visited, but at the same time incredibly gorgeous islands with all their highlights. Let’s get started!


If you are a party animal and heading for a trip with a company of friends, this Greek island is just the thing. Regarding the nightlife, it is in no way inferior to Mykonos. You may enjoy vibrant beach parties with delicious cocktails or paint the town red in local clubs. Each local bar is doubtless exceptional here and offers spectacular views.


Besides, Paros is full of gorgeous beaches with whity-white sand and clear seawater. Pounta is one of the most outstanding. All the coastlines have plenty of watersports to raise your adrenaline and make the adventure memorable. Paros is certainly the best place for a youth getaway.


Going to spend a romantic holiday or honeymoon? This island is the perfect place to celebrate love due to its impeccable intimacy. Santorini cradles the most splendid and beautiful Aegean Sea villas. You will find a wealth of accommodations to every taste and purse here. And what might be better for a couple in love than escape to a villa?


All options provide state-of-the-art amenities, breathtaking panoramic sea views, lush greenery outside, arm’s length beaches, restaurants and shops. Moreover, even if the dwelling location is near the city center, a high level of privacy and comfort are guaranteed. So, by renting one of the villas in Greece, especially the Santorini one, you will experience a memorable vacation with your spouse.


If you are planning a family trip or like visiting places with rich historical heritage, Naxos awaits you. It implies the largest Cycladic island that welcomes visitors with a giant monument Portara directly in the port. This sightseeing is the Temple of Apollo. Naxos is considered to be highly family-friendly since nearly every beach ensures activities to spend time with kids.


History lovers will also luxuriate here as the island has numerous museums and archeological sites. The Naxos castle can’t but impress with its magnificence and you will be able to travel to past times for a little. Additionally, local cuisine is extremely delicious and just a find for meat lovers. Since Naxos stands out with its livestock, meat dishes are out of competition here.


Seeking solitude and appeasement? Rhodes is just the thing. This island is to feel all Greek authenticity in full and recharge batteries. The old town of Rhodes with ancient-era vibes will definitely make you fall in love. Those who are tired of the hectic metropolis lifestyle may entirely rest their souls here. Besides, in Rhodes, you can enjoy long, measured trips to arrive at picturesque beaches and lagoons.


The key point is that you will never be bored due to the vast array of activities. For example, various watersports are available to make the adventure unforgettable and bring vivid emotions. People who are always interested in trying something new and different can attend authentic ceramic or cooking classes.