Tik Tok’s Resident Flight Attendant Is Back With More Travel Tips

TikTok user and former flight attendant Kat Kamalani is back with more of her highly sought-out if sometimes questionable travel tips, and this time they’re honestly not that bad.

In her most recent 10 second travel-centric video, set to the tune of “Are You That Somebody?” by Aaliyah, Kamalani gets straight to the point with three straightforward tips:

  • Always bring a pillow case for overweight luggage
  • Always know back-up airline routes in case yours gets canceled
  • Always read airline policy for delayed/canceled flights to know your rights for accommodation

I’ve historically been a little critical of Kamalani’s tips, principally when she told her 762,300 followers that the tissues in plane bathrooms are better quality than the toilet paper, thus the former should be used in lieu of the latter.

“They use the cheapest [toilet paper] and it disintegrates in two seconds,” she said in the clip which, has since garnered nearly 267,000 views. “So I always use the tissues because the tissues are softer and way better quality. Use the tissues.”

People flocked to the comments in rapid succession to point out that stuffing tissues down the airplane toilet would surely cause it to clog, deeming it a highly ill-advised travel hack for anyone to be sharing, much less a former airline employee. In recent weeks, Kamalani made headlines again after another video, drawing yet more criticism from followers, after she seemingly green-lighted economy passengers to use the business class bathrooms.

“Everyone always thinks that [economy flyers] can’t use the first class bathroom, but you totally can — as long as you’re not standing in the galley, you’re free to use their lavatory,” she said. Business class flyers responded about as well as you’d expect.

All of that said, I do think there’s value in being well-versed in policy and having some grasp on potential route alternatives in the event of last-minute cancellations — particularly during the holidays. As far as the pillow case thing goes, I’m not really sure how the logistics work there, but as a recovering over-packer I can respect it.

And if you are perpetually unable to fall asleep on a place? I can’t relate, but Kamalani has some tips for you, too. In another new clip, she recommends an eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, ear plugs and some lavender essential oil to “tell your body that it’s time to go to sleep and start unwinding.” She also suggests you wear comfy clothing, adjust the temperature upon boarding and, if you’re traveling with kids, slip ’em an organic melatonin gummy bears.

Like I said, sometimes questionable and usually a bit obvious, but Kat Kamalani was also the one who taught me how to raise the aisle seat armrest, so let’s not write her off altogether.