Spain’s ten hidden holiday attractions

As you might feel its time for a holiday, your thoughts would go directly to going on a Spain vacation as you look forward to finding yourself on a beach in Spain, basking in the sun, or even touring around historical gothic and historical sites; however, you might want to do some digging around into finding the best spots to visit while on holiday in Spain. Therefore, you should research sites such as Algarve fun reviews to gain insight into all the wonderful hidden gems Spain offers and some fun activities such as theme parks. The world of possibilities in Spain seems endless. However, it is regarded as beneficial to read reviews on places like Vintagetravel to plan your holiday to this stunning location well to ensure the best outcome for yourself and your family. Finally, whichever area or beach you wish to visit, always remember to enjoy yourself thoroughly. And never forget Spain!

The best Spain tourist attractions

Spain has a mass of beautiful scenery and places to visit, so it might seem that the time you have booked to spend in Spain is limited to the number of places to adore and admire. However, compiling a short list of the top five tourist attractions in Spain could ensure that you reach every one of them before your holiday.

  • The Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited scenes in Spain, with unique gothic-inspired architecture, a museum, shop, towers, and even a crypt.
  • Arguably, the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, with its impressive structure and the enormous significance it plays to thousands of people who travel there every year.
  • The Seville Cathedral is the world’s largest gothic cathedral and a UNESCO World Heritage
  • And the heart of the city itself is the Great Mosque of Cordoba.
  • And finally, the Reina Sofia Art Museum, situated in Madrid, is a must-see for all art lovers.

Spain’s top beaches

  • The La Concha is a must-see for all beach bums visiting Spain as it is within walking distance from quality hotels and ideal for some picture snapping.
  • The Playa del Silencio beach is highly recommended and ideal for parties and events. However, it is not recommended for beach bathing because of its unpredictable weather changes. And a fascinating fact is that it is also known as the Silent Beach.
  • Next is Bogatell beach, which is most famous as an artificial beach made especially for the 2002 Olympics.
  • Cala Mesquida is perfect for the whole family, with chairs and umbrellas and restaurants surrounding it.
  • And finally, there is the Playa de Las Catedrales which is ideal for secluded getaways.

Spain’s other hidden gems

When all is said and done, when it comes down to the best places to experience in Spain, there are also wanderlust amusement parks, such as the Warner Park of San Martin de la Vega situated in Madrid. Here you and your family can enjoy all the characters, such as spiderman, and it has been voted the best amusement park in Europe. In addition, there is Port Aventura which is one of Spain’s best theme parks and the third biggest in Europe; additionally, there is the Siam Park water park with its Thai-inspired architecture ideal when holidaying with children. In hindsight, there are several places to visit and see, whether gothic cathedrals or man-made beaches. One thing is clear, visiting Spain is a must for all travellers seeking adventure.