Most cringeworthy captions to go with holiday snaps on social media – revealed

A study of 2,000 social media users who like to venture abroad also found 44 per cent would go as far as unfollowing someone for using cringey captions

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Would you unfollow someone over a cringey caption?

The most cringeworthy captions to go with holiday snaps on social media are ‘suns out, buns out’, ‘hot dogs or legs’ and ‘life’s a beach’, according to research.

‘Wish you were beer’ and ‘vacation mode: on’ also feature among the top 10 most cliched phrases.

The study of 2,000 social media users who like to venture abroad also found 44 per cent would go as far as unfollowing someone for using cringey captions.

While 66 per cent would avoid posting on social media altogether rather than risk posting content deemed ‘basic’ by their Instagram followers and Facebook friends.

It also revealed the type of holiday snaps people are tired of seeing, including gratuitous bikini shots, hands joining to create a heart in front of a sunset and that first airport beer pic.

Examples of captions to avoid include ‘hot dogs or legs’



A fed up 38 per cent have even muted followers and friends on social channels after getting tired of seeing a continuous display of holiday pictures.

Zoe Harris, chief customer officer at On the Beach, which commissioned the research, said: “Since restrictions across Europe eased, we’ve seen a huge increase in beach holiday bookings, which means we’re set for a summer of sun, sea and sandy social content.

“This year, we’re encouraging people to get real on social media, celebrating everything that comes with a holiday – showing off the favourite and funniest bits of their trips.

“We believe holidays should be enjoyed for what they are – a break from normality and a chance to relax.

“Admittedly, we all love the attention we get when posting about our sun-soaked beach break, but it can be enjoyed so much more by living in the moment.”

The study also found 29 per cent even admitted to booking their holiday destinations based on how it will look on their social feed.

Barbados, Santorini and St Tropez were named among the most ‘Instagrammable’ holidays, as well as the Maldives, Cancun and Cape Town.

Conducted via OnePoll, the research found travellers will spend nearly 44 minutes-a-day capturing and posting holiday content – the equivalent of nearly 10 hours during a two-week break.

Barbados has been named among the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots


But 39 per cent struggle to come up with engaging captions for their own posts.

Tom Read Wilson, wordsmith and resident ‘Agony Uncle’ on Celebs Go Dating, said: “Summer 2022 sees the return of the long-awaited beach break.

“It’s likely jet-setters will be feeling the poolside-pressure to revamp their bleak, blighty-based social media grids with some colourful sun, sea and sand.

“The truth is that the #holiday is back. So, incidentally, is the holiday hashtag.

“But after a few years of tiresome travel restrictions, many will be out of practice and may risk going more OTT than beautiful sand and sea.”


  1. Get real: Beach-side breaks will give you plenty of magic moments to choose from, but when the time comes to drop some vacay content, don’t overthink it. People tend to engage with posts which are more authentic so try to avoid falling into the trap of only posting the best bits.
  2. You bought the flight, so flaunt it! It’s important to remember you have earned your holiday. Saved for months, waited for travel restrictions to ease, and now it’s time to celebrate. Your best chums will know this and likely have holiday plans of their own to look forward to. Your posts have the power to heighten their anticipation and allow them to cheer on your richly deserved rest.
  3. Pack in the puns: Holidays are the perfect time to get #puntastic. How about #vacationcrustacean for that impossibly delicious seafood pasta you have snapped? For the glorious holiday tipple that goes with it, try #vacationlibation. Depending on what you have selected, you might even flirt with stonkingly original hashtags such as #bikinimartini or #swimsuitflute.
  4. Everyone loves a LOL: #Holidayhashtags are key to whether your buddies back in Blighty look at your posts with envy or admiration (and find themselves tickled or irked). The key to unlocking likes is always going to be #hashtaghumour. Your wit has the power to have your followers eating out of the palm of your hand. Maybe your sunny Spanish hotel has been met with rain while there’s a heat wave back in Britain? Own it on IG and share the funny side.
  5. Next stop, paradise: The easiest way to avoid the trap of a #holidaycliche is to make your #digidiary as bespoke as possible. This begins with sharing your dreamy chosen holiday destination. For example, you might take us on a #costadelstroll through the Costa del Sol, decide to be #IndisCrete about your adventures in Greece or even show us just how #tenerific Tenerife is.


  1. Suns out, buns out
  2. Hot dogs or legs?
  3. Life’s a beach
  4. Be rude not to
  5. Wish you were beer
  6. Another day in paradise
  7. Vacation mode: on
  8. Girls just want to have sun
  9. Catch flights, not feelings
  10. Wish you were here

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