Holiday Travel & Managing Epilepsy

It’s the stop of the year and touring year has started! Traveling during the vacations can be super tense on our minds and bodies. As a recurrent traveler, I am sharing my expertise and a couple guidelines on what has worked for me when I’m touring when controlling my epilepsy.

Speak With Your Medical doctor

Initially factor you should really do – speak with your doctor! It could seem a little strange to inform your physician that you are likely away for a extensive weekend or leaving for a family vacation, but this is my most crucial suggestion. Most healthcare providers have an online portal that makes it possible for you to message your health care provider.  A person way a portal can be beneficial is that I can make sure I have a good deal of anti-seizure medication just before I travel, even if it usually means refilling my medicine a minor early if my doctor and pharmacy will allow.

If I’m traveling somewhere with a time alter, I make a program with my doctor over the system of a couple of weeks to gradually switch the time I choose my medication to the new time zone.  I make absolutely sure my medicine blood amounts are good by my doctor’s expectations just before I depart.* I also allow my medical professional know the actual dates I’m touring and exactly where I’m going in situation I have a seizure through my excursion and a hospitalization is needed. Finally, getting a set seizure action system that I have produced with my physician also presents me peace of mind in advance of I established off on my subsequent journey.

Have A Prepare When You Pack

I know, packing is everyone’s minimum favored thing to do. Other than creating sure we have ample pairs of underwear the whole method is a mess of dresses and toiletries. Even so, I shell out awareness to a several important things when I pack for a vacation given that staying diagnosed with epilepsy. Anti-seizure treatment is a person of those goods. I have a weekly capsule organizer with day and night time sections to assistance me keep keep track of of when I consider my medicine. I also continue to keep enough treatment to final the duration of my trip in a different carry-on backpack. This results in being an emergency offer of medicine in case my suitcase is weakened or gets misplaced all through vacation.

Other than my anti-seizure remedies, I also pack some around the counter prescription drugs and some vitamin C in situation I get a headache or have difficulty sleeping.* Make certain to ask your health care provider what about the counter medicines or nutritional vitamins are suitable for you right before determining what ought to be in your suitcase.

Obtaining a good deal of relaxation in advance of my vacation also allows me stay clear of getting seizures on the highway. I consider a established of cozy pajamas with button up holes and slippers in the event I need to have to make an unanticipated journey to the unexpected emergency place. Very last but not least, I incorporate some water and electrolyte packets in my bag to make certain I continue to be hydrated when I’m in a new setting.*

Chat with Your Friends and Relatives About Your Epilepsy

I usually make absolutely sure the people I’m touring with — and anybody I continue to be with in the course of my vacation — knows about my epilepsy. It can be tricky getting these discussions at initial, but you have definitely practically nothing to be embarrassed about. In actuality, you can even suggest that your journey buddies get seizure initial aid certified so they know what to do if you have a seizure for the duration of your journey.

I hope all you have risk-free, pleasurable, and enjoyable journeys this upcoming holiday year!

*You should notice that this data is centered on a single person’s experience, and details shared for travel may perhaps not perform for each and every man or woman residing with epilepsy. We recommend that you speak with your health care service provider right before preparing a vacation to uncover out what is suitable for you. The Epilepsy Foundation has additional travel guidelines from our health-related experts.

Chelle is an Epilepsy Life-style Advocate and visitor blogger for the Epilepsy Foundation.