Here are the most visited global travel destinations of 2021

After weathering the storm brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, people were eager to venture out of their homes at last and see the world again. Travel in 2021 offered the perfect opportunity to do this Benefit Group. Just as soon as the ban on air travel lifted, tourists were quick to flock to sun-kissed beaches in the Maldives, take exciting river cruises in Vienna or head to Portugal for their idyllic surfing paradise. Today, we list 2021’s most popular international travel destinations.

  1. The Maldives

Right from newlyweds to celebrities, the Maldives appeared to be the unofficial vacation destination of Indians who were tired of staying home during the pandemic. Tourists usually make a beeline for Male Atoll or King’s Island, the biggest city of the Maldives. That being said, Alimatha Island is a must visit if you enjoy stunning restaurants and wish to sample local fare of get some Ayurvedic treatments. However, if romance is in the air, then COMO Cocoa Island is for you as its 5-star water villas and white-sand beaches offer privacy and solace for couples. While the water villas offer an exceptional sojourn, you may also try water sports in the area.

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  1. Portugal

Those who wished for some fun in the sun, but with the joy of exploring historic cities in the Mediterranean toured Portugal in 2021. Cities such as Braga and Lisbon are bustling with tourists, while those in Porto are eager to surf and savor the local food that’s bursting with flavor. You can expect to taste fresh Sardines, whole crab and classic curries such as bacalhau or fish stew when in Portugal amid many other delicacies,

  1. Vienna in Austria

While backpacking through Europe was a popular expedition earlier, people in 2021 preferred river cruises in Vienna. This was primarily seen as a way to limit contact with other people post pandemic while still sailing past castles and scenic hamlets. Many also choose to travel from Vienna to Prague via Rhine and Danube rivers. If you’re in Vienna, consider visiting Karlskirche church as it is an architectural marvel in Karlsplatz.

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  1. Croatia

Fans of Game of Thrones, couldn’t resist a visit to Croatia in the Balkans. The place with stunning beaches, bustling pubs and delectable food was also the place where scenes of Kings Landing from the series was shot. Whereas, the walk of shame was filmed along the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik. Many chose to sail along the Adriatic coast in a boat and have a swell time.

  1. Dubai

Right from the towering Burj Khalifa, to the glorious Dubai Fountain and Miracle Garden, Dubai is one of the most exciting vacation spots in the UAE. Those who considered shopping their guilty pleasure went for the Dubai shopping festival to shop for gold trinkets, while others visited Global Village. People desirous of tasting a slice of luxury opted for Dubai creek dinner cruises in the city.

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Which of these exciting destinations did you visit in 2021? Tell us!

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