Getting the best deals for your holiday travel


Millions of people are expected to pass through American airports every day of the Christmas travel holiday. However, the omicron variant is making international travel a bit more complicated. And, now it’s harder to find travel deals.

WINK News consumer reporter Andryanna Sheppard wants to ensure travelers get the best deals available.

Websites and apps such as Hopper and Scott’s Cheap Flights can help find the best time to book your flight for maximum savings.

Whether traveling for the holidays or looking ahead to spring break, travel experts want you to think about where you’re going and how the omicron variant plays a role.

Weeks ago, when the Biden administration lifted bans on international travel, that it’d be making a comeback. Now, with the omicron variant looming, some travelers may have trouble.

It has already made Kristi Corcione’s trip to London a bit more difficult. “Just the process of getting into the country. I know that we have to take all kinds of tests, and we have to quarantine before we get our negative test,” said Corcione.

The United States and other countries have already banned travelers from several southern African countries. Japan and Israel have closed their borders to everyone. Other countries are now requiring tests and quarantines.

Julie Ramhold is a consumer analyst for, and she says for travelers to make sure their trip is still possible. She also says to do some research before booking because information can change quickly.

“If you’ve already booked a trip, I would say check often, whether it’s an airline or cruise or whatever, to see if things are changing if they’re offering any sort of compensation for your trip being canceled,” Ramhold said.

“Or, if you need to cancel if they’re waiving any cancellation fees or something like that. Don’t be afraid to reach out to customer service,” said Ramhold.

Canceling a flight or booking again might be just a little bit difficult if you aren’t planning on spending more. Airlines are already starting to roll back their cancellation policies to those that existed pre-pandemic.

Ramhold also recommends picking an airline that has kept some flexibility to make sure your tickets and money aren’t going to waste. “There are some airlines that are making some adjustments, for instance, waiving fare differences so that you can kind of reschedule your trip without having to pay more, or even allowing you to use the value of your ticket through the end of next year,” said Ramhold.

Experts also recommend looking at airline policies before buying their travel insurance. The credit card you use to but the ticket could have protections included.