From historical to contemporary art

When you visit a museum, it’s often a museum with paintings and all kinds of other historical objects. You usually go there with family or with school. It is certainly special to see these things in real life, and many people find it important to admire this art. If you don’t just like historical art, but enjoy admiring contemporary art, then the Moco museum might be for you. With the addition of digital art, you will experience a wonderful afternoon.

Digital art is on the rise

The first Moco museum is located in Amsterdam. Then, due to great success, a museum was also opened in Barcelona, so you can admire the new art in multiple places. In addition to having older art, the Moco museum is best known for the digital art on display. The museum is one of the first museums in the world where NFT art is exhibited in a special way. The twelve NFT artworks of the most successful digital artists are presented uniquely. You can see that NFT art is becoming more and more popular, and it is impossible to imagine society without it.

Art by Mark Rothko

The now deceased artist Mark Rothko was known for his way in which the effect on the soul through the physiological relationship of seeing color is exhibited. The man was much loved in the art world. This was due in part to his original combination of vibrant forms and various colors. One of his most famous works, the Black Blue Painting. The painting is a combination of blue and deep violet. The painting is often compared to night blooming flowers and an endless ocean. Mark Rothko completely changed the relationship between art and visitors with his art.

Art innovates

In addition to the Moco Museum’s engagement with contemporary art, augmented reality is on the rise. Of course, it makes sense that there are more and more ways to show art to the world. Through augmented reality, art is created. This is a fusion of reality and digital art. You can compare this, for example, to an app where you can view a certain color on the wall of your living room. At the museum, of course, this goes a bit further, since entire works of art are created with it. These you can then also admire and therefore it’s really good to visit Moco when you are in Amsterdam and you like art.