Everyday Home Blog: Holiday travel with children

The key to traveling with small children is to manage your expectations. Don't expect a family vacation to be the same as traveling as a couple.

The holiday season is now upon us, and many will be traveling to see family and friends this year.  Before you hit the road or take to the sky, it is important to plan ahead so the trip will be less stressful for your family. 

Holidays represent a time for seeing family and friends, and for many this also means traveling a long distance.  Traveling can be a stressful event anytime, but especially if children are involved. 

To help cut down on stress, proper planning can determine the difference between a joy to remember and a bad traveling experience.

Try these ideas when traveling by vehicle to assist in making the venture less hectic:

–         Pack the car the night before.  Early in the morning, carry your children from their beds to the car.  They usually will snooze through the first gas-station stop and allow you to get some serious mileage before breakfast.