A Yankee Notebook: Challenges of holiday travel | Weekend Magazine

The conclude-of-the-calendar year holiday seasons are again upon us, with all their numerous significance and meanings for millions of people in substantially of the earth. But putting aside for the minute all the idiotic arguments about what to get in touch with them, we possibly can concur they’re a time of rejoicing for a multiplicity of motives. We also have to concur the time period “holiday” derives from Outdated English and German, that means “holy day” — one on which, at the very least once upon a time, we stopped operating (unless of course used in an essential provider) and celebrated whichever divinity or impulse produced it holy for us.

Like Thanksgiving, the Xmas period is a single of vastly elevated journey. But vacation is no longer marked by the audio of sleigh bells jingling earlier the property. As a substitute, it involves the all-enveloping roar and stink of hundreds of reciprocating engines rumbling in the tunnels in entrance of airport terminals, strains of tourists at desks or kiosks, then shuffling like zombies to get to the protection checks, and at last, at the ideal gates, ready for flights to be declared.

Willem Lange is a typical contributor to the Weekend Journal. He life in East Montpelier.