8 tips for stress-free holiday road trips with pets |

Many things can be stressful when it comes to hitting the road for the holidays. However, traveling with your pets doesn’t have to be one of them. Most pet parents don’t like leaving their furry kids behind, and (provided their pets are good travelers) they really don’t have to. When following some tried-and-true tips, taking your pets along is not only easy, it makes for a much more enjoyable holiday road trip.

1. Secure your furkid

People take great care to secure their human family members in the car, and they should do the same for their pets. Simple pet safety devices, such as a vehicle pet barrier, a pet seat belt, a pet car seat, or a travel crate, can keep pet parents and pets safe, and provide peace of mind. Be sure to choose a device that’s right for your car, your trip, and the size and temperament of your pet.

2. Plan for pit stops

Give yourself a time cushion for frequent pit stops, both for potty breaks and for letting your pet stretch his legs. 

3. Never leave your pet alone in the car

Leaving your pet alone in the car can subject him to dangerous temperature fluctuations. If you leave your window down, you also run the risk of him running off, or even being stolen.

4. Heads inside, please!

It’s true that dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows. But this is a dangerous practice. Your pet could easily become injured, or worse.

5. Limit food intake

Limit how much you feed your pet on the road. Also, avoid sharing your fast food lunch with him, no matter how much he begs. Travel can upset a pet’s stomach, and excess food can make things worse.

6. Collar up!

Be sure your pet is wearing his collar, along with a current ID tag.

7. Chill

Your pet can sense your energy. Staying calm and rolling with the punches – traffic jams and all – will help your pet stay calm, and ensure that you both have a relaxed road trip. 

8. Make sure there’s room at the inn

Last but certainly not least, if your road trip involves staying at a hotel, be sure to book a pet-friendly hotel BEFORE you hit the road. 

In the end, with a little savvy, preparation, and some good old-fashioned common sense, your trip can go smoothly. It will lead to a great memory shared with your four-legged loved one instead of a source of holiday stress.

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