5 reasons to visit Mykonos this summer

5 reasons to visit Mykonos this summer

When the time of that long-awaited vacation comes, you want to spend it in a beautiful place without bothering about anything. A vacation at Mykonos luxury villas will ensure that delightful rest you deserve. Here are 5 reasons to choose villas in Mykonos for summer vacation this year.

1. Beautiful location

Mykonos luxury villas are located between the picturesque historic city and the beautiful coastline. Therefore, you can enjoy the quaint seascape along with the idyllic sunset. However, if you want to go to a party at night, you are just a few kilometres away from the lively city. Also if you want to explore the sights during the day, you can do it without long travels.

2. Signature design

Our villas in Mykonos are of award-winning excellence and quality-verified signature. They are beautifully and comfortably designed both on the inside and outside. The design is usually modern Greek that elegantly complements the whole neighborhood with whitewashed houses. The indoor design of Mykonos luxury villas is created to make your stay fully enjoyable and conveniently provides all the amenities you may need. There is all the necessary furniture, uniform design and equipment for keeping you in shape. You can also ask for a baby cot, highchair or a pet place. There is also private parking to keep your vehicle safe. 

3. Spacious patio and Open terrace

Mykonos luxury villas include an open terrace to enjoy the picturesque beach sunset or to savor mealtimes in the beautiful location. The terrace may also include a BBQ or a pool bar to make the best of your summer vacation. There is also a spacious patio to host 10 or more people for a party or friends gathering. The villas include a cozy fireplace to create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. 

4. Nearby beach and Private infinity pool

All of our villas in Mykonos are close to the beach. So you can have a swim in the sea whenever you feel like it. There are also sun loungers to sunbathe during the golden day hours and get a beautiful tan. Mykonos luxury villas include a private infinity pool where you can be sure it’s clean and only you will have a swim. The swimming pools can also be heated if it gets chilly upon request. You can also enjoy the heated jacuzzi with great views.

                                            5. Trusted on-site concierge team

There is a trusted on-site concierge team to ensure that your summer vacation is botherless. A dedicated villa advisor will recommend how to use all the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our expert chef will prepare an appetizing meal from fresh seafood. You can contact our support team anytime you need as we work 24/7.

Summer vacation is a precious time that you need to refresh to go on to your daily workload. Our Mykonos luxury villas will make sure that your vacation is truly enjoyable and trouble-free. There are many reasons for spending your summer vacation in villas in Mykonos. It is worth making it this summer, and we are sure that you will want to come back.