10 Reasons To Book Kingston Resorts For Your Next Myrtle Beach Getaway

10 Reasons To Book Kingston Resorts For Your Next Myrtle Beach Getaway

There are many hotels and resorts in Myrtle Beach, and narrowing down where to stay can sometimes feel like a grueling task. We’re here to make it easy for you. Kingston Resorts has everything travelers need and more when visiting one of the East Coast’s best beach towns. Recently having gone under a $65 million renovation, Kingston Resorts is modern and chic while still having that classic humble Southern charm. Here are 10 reasons to book Kingston Resorts for any upcoming Myrtle Beach getaway.

10/10 The Location

Myrtle Beach, SC
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Kingston Resorts is right on the beach.

For visitors traveling to Myrtle Beach, it’s inarguable that staying directly on the beach is ideal. At Kingston Resorts, the sand is literally at your doorstep. Travelers can step out onto the sandy shores of South Carolina’s best beach, enjoy the sound of the waves each morning as coffee is sipped, and even enjoy dinner at Embassy Suite’s Coastal Grill & Bar out on the patio with the ocean in perfect view.

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9/10 The Hospitality

Kingston Hospitality
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Wine and cheese in a hotel room.

There’s nothing like that Southern charm, and it is exemplified to the maximum at Kingston Resorts. The staff is friendly and easy to strike up a conversation with. Their laid-back, humble, and approachable attitude will remind visitors that there are indeed good people in this world, and many of them can be found at Kingston Resorts.

8/10 The Pop-Ups

Dolly Kingston
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Lobby at Embassy Suites, Kingston Resorts in Myrtle Beach.

At Kingston Resorts, pop-ups and special events happen year-round, so expect some extra activity and entertainment when headed to this Myrtle Beach haven. Christmastime is especially great, and one of the best pop-ups is the Dolly-Day Holiday Pop-up at Embassy Suites. Skip Dollywood and the Dolly-Parton Nashville Bar, and come see Dolly-days featuring a live show with a Dolly Parton impersonator, a Sunday Dolly-inspired supper, Dolly-inspired cocktails, cookie decorating for kids in partnership with Duncan Hines, to name a few. The hotel fills up with pink Christmas decor in honor of our favorite country music star. This year, the Dolly-days pop-up runs through January 19th, 2023 (Dolly’s birthday), so there’s still time to snag a last-minute ticket to this Dolly-tastic spectacle for a winter getaway in Myrtle Beach!

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7/10 The Food

South Carolina Breakfast
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South Carolina breakfast at Kingston Resorts

For travelers looking for a range of options when it comes to dining, Kingston Resorts has them all. Try Embassy Suite’s Coastal Grill & Bar and enjoy Bronzed Grouper and Wood-Fired Pizzas. Head to Café Amalfi to be transported to Positano while enjoying Cherrystone Clams Casino and Crab-Stuffed Cod. Myrtle Beach is a seaside town, after all, and Kingston Resorts offers great seafood dishes across its several eateries. Most excitingly, Black Drum Brewing is scheduled to open in the next coming months, where visitors can sip on local craft beer and even enjoy live music on Saturday nights.

6/10 Wet Whistle

Wet Whistle
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Wet Whistle Pool Bar

Who doesn’t love sipping a drink poolside when in a tropical destination? Wet Whistle at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort is the best waterfront bar in town. Try some local canned beer, Dirty Myrtle, from nearby New South Brewing. Sip on a spritz before taking a dip in the pool. Go fruity with a rum punch or a piña colada. Whatever visitors choose to order, somehow, the drinks just taste better when taking in those sweet views of the Atlantic Ocean.

5/10 The Option For Accommodations

Dolly Decor
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A very festive room at Embassy Suites in Myrtle Beach

Kingston Resorts encompasses several hotels and accommodations. Choose from the Embassy Suites Resort, Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort, Kingston Condos & Villas, Royale Palms Condominium, and Kingston Residences. All of these are great options and give visitors a range from staying in a hotel to staying in a more house-like accommodation.

4/10 The Bike-Rentals

Bike Rental
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Bike rentals at Kingston Resorts

Because Kingston Resorts is so huge, to best ensure that visitors get to properly explore the entirety of this spectacular space, bike rentals from 78Fitness are available for all guests. Ride around and hit several spots in this mini Myrtle Beach metropolis, making many pits-tops along the way. Bike-riding is a great way to exercise while exploring, and above all, it’s super fun and scenic. If biking around doesn’t sound exciting, an easy alternative to get around is by riding the free shuttle.

3/10 The Pools

Pool at Kingston
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Drinks by the pool at Hilton in Myrtle Beach

Despite the salty ocean within arm’s reach of Kingston Resorts, some folks might opt for the pool instead. Lucky for them, Kingston Resorts has no shortage of fantastic swimming pools, with some having options for food and drink right on deck. The best part is there are cabanas available for rental, so small groups or solo travelers can ensure the ultimate sense of comfort and privacy.

2/10 Currents Waterparks

View From Above- Waterpark
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Waterpark View From Above

Myrtle Beach has plenty of attractions, and one of the best is Currents Waterparks at Kingston Resorts. Stay cool in the Myrtle Beach sun by splashing around on one of the many slides. There is even a waterpark specifically for the younger kiddos to ensure family fun. For ultimate relaxation, there’s a hot tub, and there will soon be 28 cabanas and six hammocks for proper unwinding.

1/10 Spa33

Spa 33
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Spa 33 at Kingston Resorts, Myrtle Beach

For a truly pampering experience, Spa33 at Kingston Resorts covers all the bases. Enjoy the relaxation of the spa’s atmosphere, stow away cellular devices in one of the lockers, and take a minute to chill out. It’s a vacation, after all. Go for a deep tissue massage, where therapeutic techniques are used to alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension. Opt for a signature facial where a spa therapist will customize the procedure based on skin type and personal needs. Spa33 also offers nail, hair, and waxing services, and they might even offer visitors a glass of vino while they relax!