10 Iconic Luxury Resorts In Brazil You Should Book

From watching the world’s most extravagant carnival festival to enjoying tropical beaches, you will find peace at these 10 luxury resorts in Brazil.

Luxury hotel in Cumbuco, Ceara, Brazil

Other than the world’s most extravagant carnival festival, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro showcasing the country’s colorful lifestyle, the breathtaking Christ the Redeemer statue, the beautiful islands, and the magnificent Amazon rainforest; there are wonderful ledgers of places to visit in Brazil, including a kingdom of wonderful pristine beaches. Over a thousand stunning beaches lie along the country’s coastlines, such as Copacabana Beach, Lopes Mendes Beach, and Ipanema Beach. Tourists from all around the world visit to explore Brazil’s culture and discover its delicacies, making it a worthwhile destination and a reason to cross the distance and travel all the way. Here are 10 iconic luxury resorts in Brazil that will make someone’s trip memorable.

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10/10 Arraial D’ajuda Eco Resort, Bahia

Arraial D’ajuda Eco Resort lets people experience a holiday in the beautiful ocean. This resort offers pretty rooms crammed with high-tech instruments and blessed with a magnificent view of lush vegetation. People will treat themselves to in-house restaurants that serve new meals, most of which are Bahian and international cuisines. This resort also offers ecological tours giving guests a chance to admire the town’s biodiversity. On top of its five-star accommodation services, tourists can enjoy a diving center, a water park, and a game house. They can also watch the sunset from the beachfront, ride on a boat from a private pier and experience stunning scenery.

9/10 Costão do Santinho Resort All Inclusive, Santa Catarina

Surrounded by woodlands, Costão do Santinho Resort offers suitable accommodation for those who want to mix relaxation and adventure. It is filled with luxurious facilities, including sports, food, wellness, and fitness. It includes six on-site restaurants that serve both local and international delicacies, from American to continental meals. People end their day with relaxation, including a body treatment or a hydro-massage session at the resort’s wellness spa.

8/10 SERHS Natal Grand Hotel And Resort, Rio Grande do Norte

Serhs Natal Grand Hotel and Resort is perfect for catering to different accommodation needs. Located right in front of the ocean, it has been many travelers’ favorite. It offers various swimming pools, tasty food, and lovely beverages, all within easy reach since restaurants and bars are standing on every corner. People will feel at home in their modern and cozy room overlooking the panoramic seaside view. The free breakfast buffet includes day-to-day native Brazilian dishes, fruits, and cakes.

7/10 Serrambi Resort, Ipojuca

Serrambi Resort in Praia de Serrambi is a charming hotel that offers accommodation deals, various treats for breakfast, and guests the utmost experience. Apart from having modern apartments, this resort is famous for its elegant breakfast set-up, which mostly consists of continental, American, and gluten-free feeds, as well as a buffet. Additionally, they can have a pleasant dip in the outdoor pool while watching the bay go through its untouched rhythm. A wellness facility is also available for those who want more relaxation, as well as other amenities.

6/10 Carmel Cumbuco Resort, Ceara

Carmel Combuco Resort is a stylish deluxe accommodation lying majestically in the charming village of Cumbuco. This relaxation hotspot offers all-in-one accommodation services, a beautiful beachfront view, and a delicious native breakfast free of charge. This luxury beach resort includes outdoor pools that come with a splendid ocean view and a calming ambiance. It also features amenities, including body wellness, such as a spa and a sauna. At night, people experience lively nightlife with its upscale restaurants and swim-up bar.

5/10 Vivá Porto de Galinhas Resort, Ipojuca

Vivá Porto de Galinhas Resort is the ideal spot where guests can recharge and unwind near the ocean. Sitting right on the foreshore of the sea, it gives guests a great opportunity to savor a deluxe and tranquil life to the fullest. All rooms are furnished to provide guests with lots of comforts. From their balcony, you can watch the sunset while soaking in the hot tub. It has wide-ranging facilities for peace, including a spa, a movie theater, and a sports court. Every morning, people can expect a nutritive breakfast meal for free.

4/10 Salinas Maragogi All Inclusive Resort, Alagoas

Salinas Maragogi’s gem in the prosperous town of Maragogi. Aside from being located close to the seashore, it has several amenities to provide endless activities. Guests capture the panoramic view of the sea and nature from their room, contemplate, meditate, and take their vacation to another level. Visitors benefit from a fitness facility, a spa that offers various skin and body treatments, and two large swimming pools. There are also bars and restaurants ready to serve people authentic food and drinks.

3/10 Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte, Bahia

Set in the heart of Praia do Forte, Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte offers world-class accommodation and top-notch amenities. It is an ideal option for people seeking escape from their hectic city life. It offers modern rooms with ultimate furnishings and overlooking gorgeous views of the Brazilian seas. People can benefit from numerous swimming pools, an indoor gym, and one large court available for a mixture of sports such as tennis, volleyball, and badminton.

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2/10 The Coral Beach Resort by Atlantica, Trairi

Offering visitors luxurious and private accommodations, The Coral Beach Resort by Atlantica is a famous destination for getaways. It offers modern rooms and flats that promise visitors a suitable and peaceful stay. This resort is also home to a bar serving refreshing drinks and to an excellent restaurant that prepares savory meals. Guests enjoy a lot of activities in the resort’s outstanding amenities, such as a garden, a lounging area, and a swimming pool.

1/10 Baía Branca Beach Resort, Tamandaré

Baía Branca Beach Resort has guests submerged in fun and relaxing summer vacations. It features beautiful rooms with great amenities, promising guests a good night’s sleep, outdoor pools with a glorious view of the ocean, and coconut trees in the background. People also visit a small bar on the corner and a restaurant that delivers local dishes. The resort also features stunning facilities, including a conference hall, a water park, and a botanical garden.